Granite State Fair Handbook 2024

An aerial view of the fairground at sunset. The fairground is bustling with illuminated rides, colorful booths, and lively attractions, creating an atmosphere of excitement and fun.

Photo By: John Gisis

General Rules and Regulations

  • Premiums will not be paid on articles removed from the Fair before it closes UNLESS special approval of the superintendent of the department has been given.
  • All articles must be entered in the name of the owner. Dairy products, fruits, grain, and vegetables must have been made or raised by the exhibitor thereof. Descriptive labels, in accordance with the entries, can be secured from the superintendents who shall attach them to the articles and allow them to remain during the Fair.
  • No exhibitor shall compete against himself either directly or indirectly, and any person entering borrowed articles, vegetables, or other products, or making fraudulent representations in reference to any exhibit will forfeit all premiums which may have been awarded. The Association also reserves the right to accept or reject any entry made for any premium offered and no premium will be paid unless all requirements are fulfilled. Premiums earned will be paid by check and those checks will be mailed to the exhibitor no later than November 1st of the current year. Any check not cashed within 60 days of the issue date will be considered a donation to the Fair Association
  • The Association will employ a watchman on the grounds at night and exercise due care, but they will assume no responsibility for any loss or damage from any cause that may occur to any animal or article exhibition, and upon this condition only are entries received.

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